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The Sultana Dancers are proud to announce our 2017 HAFLA WORKSHOP AND FEATURED PERFORMER.........The Lady Fred! Frederique is a worldwide renowned instructor and performer. She is known as an avant-garde artist, theatrically driven belly dancer, instructor, pioneer and creator/director of both Silent Sirens Theatre and Siren Syndicate. Frederique's performances are based on vignette theatre inspired narratives, and have made an enticing impact on her audiences as well as motivating her peers.

We are now open for registration for the Lady Fred's workshops!!!!!!!!!

SATURDAY MARCH 11, 11AM-1PM: TELLING TALES: The scope, research and application of conveying abstract ideas and/or story telling along with portraying emotions, implicit thoughts and attitudes, and character development through movement effectively. Lecture, Concept, and movement workshop. $25.

SUNDAY MARCH 12TH, 10AM-NOON: UNITY FORMAT: Unity is Lady Fred's tribal fusion improv format; it epitomizes her innovative take on tribal fusion bellydance in group improvisational form. It is rooted in Lady Fred's foundation training in ATS bellydance with her experience as a student and troup member with Jill Parker. After rigourous training and dancing in Ultra Gypsy, Fred embarked on her own dance journey. She developed her signature style of avant garde bellydance and honed her craft expanding some of her favorite ideas into her own brand of Signal Gesture Improv creating her format called Unity. The vocabulary that comprises Unity incorporates the basic ATS concept of lead/follow, however, with Fred's style and sensibilities, primarily includeing Jazz-Age movement accents, vernacular-dance and syncopation all wrapped up in a challenging and symmetrical formation that rotates in a figure 8. $35

SUNDAY MARCH 12TH, 1PM-3PM: THE ART OF ARMS: Approach with the mindset of arms serving as a frame to a picture. Then we'll implement methods to drill in order to polish and reinforce the frame to our moving picture. $35

OR Bundle all 3 workshops together for $85 before January 31! $90 for the bundle beginning Feb. 1. Paypal your information to info@sultanadancers.com and include the registration name in the comments. A confirmation will be sent to you. All workshops are in beautiful Richland WA! Email info@sultanadancers.com for more information or to ask questions! We hope to see you all at Hafla!!!

We are also open for HAFLA PERFORMANCE SIGN UPS!!!! If you would like to Perform at the Sultana Dancers Hafla on March 11th in Kennewick WA you can email info@sultanadancers.com. Solos are 6 minutes maximum. Duets are 10 minutes maximum. Troupes of 3 or more are 13 minutes maximum.