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Performance Drumming
The Sultana Dancers are accompanied by a group of performance drummers comprised of many talented musicians, as well as some of the dancers themselves! The common goal for all involved is to create synergy from a cohesive link between the dance and the music. The group is a mix of those from varied backgrounds, who come together to learn, enjoy and share in all that comes with playing music and rhythms from a fusion of cultures.

The performance drummers are dedicated to developing their skills and working toward learning, compiling, and performing more challenging and unique arrangements. Some requirements of drummers interested in becoming part of this new group:

  • must have knowledge of and commitment to learn basic and complex versions of rhythms
  • independently hold basic back beat while overbeats are played
  • must attend weekly practices regularly throughout the year
  • must listen to other drummers and dancers and effectively communicate with both
  • must consistently attend out of town performances

    If you are interested in being part of the performance drumming group, we encourage you to contact the Sultana Dancers at info@sultanadancers.com.